Hunting Areas

Ermelo -  this is the area where I live together with my wife and daughter, and it is located roughly 220km’s east of Johannesburg.
My main area here consist of approximately 2000 hectares of primarily high veldt grass land interspersed with bushes, the Vaal river traverses the entire farm.
Our main attraction here is the Blesbuck and the Black Wildebeest, the area has a very high game density and given the openness of the farm, grouping of several hundred animals are a common view.
When we are hunting the area around Ermelo we regularly use our own Guesthouse as a base, it offers very comfortable accommodation, cable-tv and laundry services. Breakfast is normally placed in the fridge in the room and each person can that way have their meal when it suit them before departure. Lunch is normally eaten in the field during the course of the day, sometimes dinner as-well, depending on weather nigh hunting is on the program or not.
The area around Ermelo also offers good culling hunt for the individual that is not particularly set on trophy size, but rather shoot many animals

Mkhunyane –  a further 160 km’s east of Ermelo.
Consist of 6700hectares mixed biotop, from grassland via riverine,tropical forest, lowveldt to wetland, very undulated and a lasting memory simply to have travelled. There are very few roads on the farm which instils the feeling of untouched wilderness.
Here we hunt all the other common bushveldt species such as Kudu, Impala, Zebra,Waterbuck, Nyala, Bushbock and several other.
The area have a huge variety of birds and so far a total of 235 different species has been identified.
When we hunt this area we use the camp on the farm. The accommodation is comfortable with hot water and daily laundry service. The normal procedure is that we have all the meals in camp with time for a mid-day rest between the outings.
A highlight is to sit around the camp fire under the stars each evening and discuss the events of the day and take in the African sounds.

Natal the area around the Jozini Dam
A further 120 km’s east, from here there is only another 100-120km’s for those who wants to combine with deep sea fishing or a few days at the ocean.
This is my number one area for warthogs and big Nyalas. Altogether roughly 12.000 hectares, bordering the 17.000 hectares big dam. The dam offers very exciting fishing for tiger fish for those who wishes. Always lots of warthogs, Nyala, Impala and Wildebeest and many other species. The area has Elephant, Rhino (black and white) and Buffalo so it is always exciting to be in the area. Here we self-cater in very comfortable camps and enjoys the magic of the time around the camp fire, listening to the sounds of Africa.

Karoo – Located in the Northern Cape Province and consist of 13.000 hectares of undulating terrain. Best known for Springbuck and Oryx, but offers a huge variety of species including a few ”exotics” such as Lechwe, Vaal Rhebuck and Scimitar horned oryx. Excellent area for reduction hunting of Springbuck. Should not be combined with any of the other areas due to the fact that it is located in the opposite direction. I normally meet and greet at the airport in Johannesburg and then we drive the 650 km’s together to the hunting destination.
The alternative is to connect and fly domestic either to Kimberly or Bloemfontein and i’ll meet up there for the final drive to the destination.
Karoo offers a pretty unique experience in the sense of us self-catering in a tented camp on the farm – the real deal as far as African Safaris are concerned.